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    2. Krishna Speciality Chemicals Compant Logo


      Quick Contact

      Contact Person : Mr. Sandeep Agrawal

      Phone : +91-7752-430000, +91

      Mobile No. : +91-9755160000

      Paper Chemical

      Holding a strong position amongst the companies serving the Paper Industry of India, we bring forth an exuberant?Paper Chemical. We offer complete solutions for Chemicals for Paper Industries. The property of our?Paper Industry Chemical is in accordance to contemporary needs of paper industry. An incomparable range of Pulp Paper Chemical is obtainable from us on very economical rates.


      Range of Products for Paper Industry

      • Amotex : Defoamer for pulp Mill/ ETP
      • RG-3 : Defoamer for paper machine???
      • Amotex BSW-329 : Defaomer for brown Stock Washer
      • PepSize-500 : Fortified Rosin
      • Novasize C-15 : AKD Size Alkaline Size
      • SIA- 7030 : Anti fluff
      • Biozyme RF : Refining Enzyme
      • Biozyme GX : Bleach booster Enzyme based
      • Pulp Aid 100 : Digester Cooking Additive
      • Dynamix3000 : Digester Cooking Additivve
      • Arosol DI : De Inking chemical Surfactant
      • Enzo DI : De-Inking chemicals Enzyme